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Seanovate Services

Crew Management

Crew management or manning services, are what we know best.

The range of knowledge spans from recruitment, evaluation, assessment to final selection for our principals.

Our experienced and skilled crewing team provides 24/7 hands-on support for delivering one of the highest standards in the manning industry.

Marine Training

We organize periodical seminars and forums for our seafarers, where a wide range of topics and themes are presented from our Principals’ head-offices as well as from external experts of various marine fields.

Simultaneous onboard training sessions are organized through the collaboration of our Principals’ technical and safety / quality teams.

We cooperate with reputable and experienced external training centers in Manila in order to combine theoretical and, most importantly, practical knowledge through simulation and training courses. These courses enhance of our seafarers’ knowledge for where safety comes first.

Account Services

Our sophisticated accounting system ensures seamless integration of the ship-principal-manning agency triangle and executes our seafarers’ financial transactions with precision in a timely manner.

A whole range of services that upgrade and uplift the quality of your expertise.

Services to bow to!

Legal Cases and Claims

We have deep understanding of the legal compliance and processes involved in the maritime and manning industry in the Philippines.

Τhis includes preparation and submission of all documentary and reportorial requirements to different regulatory agencies as well as proper and practical handling of seafarer’s claims arising from contractual disputes and labor related conflicts.

We are supported by experienced and effective legal team who can handle all kinds of cases and legal concerns, and make proper representation before government agencies in the Philippines.

The Holistic Approach

Our services are more than just finding a seafarer. Many components come together to form the total service we provide. And this in turn is cyclical.

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